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History of Asahikawa

Chronological table
Year Development
1869 Ezo renamed Hokkaido, Kamikawa becomes part of Ishikawa Province
1885 Michitoshi Iwamura and Takeshiro Nagayama enter Kamikawa and survey the land from atop Chikabumi Mountain
1890 Asahikawa, Kagura, and Nagayama Village are established in Kamikawa
1891 Nagayama Village becomes part of Tondenhei (Followed by Asahikawa Village (Present day Higashi Asahikawa) the following year)
1893 Asahikawa Class 3 Post and Telegraph Office opens
1897 Asahikawa Police Department opens
1897 Kamikawa District Office Moved to Asahikawa
1897 Branch Office established and District Office discontinued
1898 Kamikawa railroad line opens between Takikawa and Asahikawa
1900 Asahikawa "Village" becomes Asahikawa "Town"
1901 Imperial Japanese Army 7th Division HQ moves from Sapporo to Asahikawa
1902 Domestic record low of -41 degrees celsius recorded
1902 Primary Town and Village System Established
1904 First construction of Asahibashi Bridge Completed
1907 Railroad line established between Asahikawa and Kushiro
1908 Asahikawa Electric Ltd. (now Hokkaido Electric) begins providing Asahikawa with electricity
1912 Colonel Lerch 7th division begins teaching ski lessons to the Imperial Japanese Army 7th Division
1914 Ward Administration established
1916 Tokiwa Park opens
1919 Establishment of the Asahikawa Chamber of Commerce (now the Asahikawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
1922 City Administration established
1923 Opening of Hokkaido Asahikawa Regular School (now Hokkaido university of Education Asahikawa Branch)
1929 1st Grand Parade of Memorial Music (now Hokkaido Grand parade of Marching Bands)
1930 City Medical office (now Asahikawa City Hospital) opens
1932 All lines of the Sekihoku Line open
1932 Asahibashi is Completed in its current form
1933 Asahikawa Broadcasting Station first broadcast
1934 Asahikawa Gas Co. opens, supplying Asahikawa with gas
1936 Completion of the roundabout
1940 National Pulp Industries (now Nippon Paper Industries) begins factory operation in Asahikawa
1945 Shidan-dori renamed Heiwa-dori
1946 Opening of the City Ceramic Tutoring Center (now Pottery Center)
1946 Opening of the City Library (now the Central Library)
1950 The Great Hokkaido Development Exhibition is held
1955 Kamui and Etambetsu merge with Asahikawa
1958 Present day City Hall Completed
1960 First Asahikawa Winter Festival
1960 Asahikawa's 3rd Train Station is Completed
1960 Citizen's Charter established
1961 Nagayama merges with Asahikawa
1962 Completion of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force 2nd Division
1962 First Asahikawa Summer Festival
1962 Sister City Relationship with Bloomington begins
1962 (City of Normal later added in 1987)
1963 Asahikawa merges with East Asahikawa
1966 Asahikawa Airport opens with flights to Tokyo
1967 Asahiyama Zoo opens
1967 Friendship City relationship established with Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the Soviet Union (now Russia)
1967 Opening of the Gardening Center (now Agricultural Center)
1968 Kagura merges with Asahikawa
1968 First Award Ceremony for the Hideo Oguma Prize in Poetry
1970 First Award Ceremony for the Teijiro Nakahara Prize in Sculpture
1971 Higashi Takasu merges with Asahikawa
1972 Opening of Japanese first permanent paradise for pedestrians Heiwa-dori Kaimono Koen Shopping Street
1973 Asahikawa Medical University Opens
1975 Asahikawa Civic Culture Hall Opens
1975 Flooding due to a cloudburst over the Asahikawa region claims 3000 homes
1976 The Japanese Rowan and Rhododendron are established as Asahikawa city trees
1978 The Japanese Waxwing and Tree Cricket are established as Asahikawa's city bird and insect
1979 Asahikawa Municipal Gymnasium opens
1981 1st Asahikawa International Vasa Ski Competition (now Vasaloppet Japan)
1982 Asahikawa Airport begins servicing planes with jet engines
1982 Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art opens
1982 Nighttime Medical Emergency Center opens
1984 Starukhin Baseball Field opens
1985 Hokkaido Asahikawa Forest of the 21st Century opens
1986 Chusho Small Business University Asahikawa Branch opens
1986 Asahikawa Taisetsu Arena opens
1987  Asahikawa Local Industry Development and Promotion Center opens
1988 Tokiwa Civic Hall opens
1989 Asahikawa becomes Sister Cities with Suwon, South Korea
1990 His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf of the Kingdom of Sweden visits Asahikawa
1990 First International Furniture Design Fair in Asahikawa (held every 3 years since)
1990 Asahikawa hosts "Japanese Festivals in Asahikawa" to celebrate the 100th anniversary since its founding
1991 The Asahikawa region is designated as a "Technopole"
1992 Asahikawa Industry Improvement Center (now Asahikawa Industry Research Center) established
1993 Yasushigi Inoue Memorial Hall opens
1993 Taisetsu Crystal Hall opens
1994 Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara opens
1994 Asahikawa Winter Festival's main snow sculpture of Hwaseong Fortress enters the Guinness World Record Book for Largest Snow Sculpture
1994 Central Library opens under current name
1995 Central Kamikawa (1 City and 8 Villages) designated as a Regional Core Urban Area
1995 Friendship City relationship established with China's Harubin
1996 Chikabumi Incineration Plant begins operation
1996 Asahikawa Research Center opens
1997 Asahikawa Airport opens new 2,500 meter landing strip
1997 Asahikawa Agricultural Center "Kanari Land" opens
1998 Ayako Miura Literature Museum opens
1998 Construction of Kitasaito Asahikawa begins
1998 Full Scale Implementation of the Community Snow Removal System 
1999 Expansion of traffic lanes on the Hokkaido Expressway to two on each side between Asahikawa-Takasu and Fukagawa
1999 6 Hokkaido facilities including the Kamikawa Government Office are moved to the Kamikawa Joint Office Building in Nagayama
1999 All sections of Kanjou-sen (Belt Line) complete
2000 Asahikawa Seien Crematorium opens
2000 Asahikawa becomes a core city
2000 Asahikawa Airport Building becomes fully operational
2000 Hokkaido expressway opens between Asahikawa-Takasu and Wassamu
2001 Housing for the Research of Chemical Substance Hypersensitivity constructed
2002 Opitta Disabled Welfare Center opens
2003 Renewed Heiwa-dori Kaimono Koen opens
2004 Asahiyama Zoo has the more visitors between the months of July and August than anywhere else in Japan
2005 Introduction of the Public Facilities Manager Designation System
2005 Sci-Pal Science Center opens
2006 Asahikawa Airport's first international flight to Seoul Korea
2007 Conclusion of the 4 City Ben'ei Horse Race
2007 Garbage collecting becomes a paid service
2007 Kagura Community Center opens
2008 Disaster Prevention Center Central Facility begins operation
2009 Asahiyama Zoo Story: Penguins in the Sky shows in movie theatres across Japan
2009 Iki Iki Center Kagura (Welfare Center) opens
2010 Asahikawa Community Support Center CoCoDe opens
2010 120 year anniversary of Asahikawa's founding and hosting of the Tabemarche (Food Festival)
2011 New Train Station JR Asahikawa becomes fully operational
2012 Animal Protection Center 「Animaaru」 opens
2013 Lights are installed in Starukhin Baseball Field 
2013 Northern Hokkaido product exhibition is hosted in Russia's Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
2014 Kitasaito Asahikawa completed
2014 Enforcement of Basic Urban Development Ordinances
2014 Tokyo Satellite Office for Attracting Companies to the Asahikawa Region opens
2015 Sister Cities becomes Sister Cities with Minamisatsuma
2015 Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden opens
2015 Tobu Urban Development Center opens
2015 Suehiro Community Activity Center opens
2015 Children's Activity Center Opens
2015 Asahikawa Employment Assistance Center opens
2016 Formulation of Comprehensive Plan for Asahikawa #8 
2016 100 Year Anniversary of Tokiwa Park Opening
2016 50 Year Anniversary of Asahikawa Airport Opening
2016 Comprehensive Childcare Consultation Center opens
2016 Hokkaido Asahikawa Special Needs High School opens