Sister Cities and Friendship Cities

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Sister Cities

Bloomington/Normal  (United States of America, Illinois)


Bloomington is 206km southwest of Chicago and an important place for agriculture, trade, manufacturing, and the coming and going of trains. It is twin cities with Normal.

  • Bloomington
    Population: 80,405(2018)
    Area: 58.3㎢
    Affiliated as a Sister City since:
    October 11th, 1962
  • Normal
    Population: 52,497(2010)
    Area: 46.0㎢
    Affiliated as a Sister City since:
    July 7th, 1987

Suwon(Republic of Korea, Gyeonggi Province)


44 kilometers south of Seoul and the capital of Gyeonggi Province, it houses many historic sites as well as the Hwaseong Castle which is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in the center of the city.
Population: 1,336,086(2019)
Area: 46.0㎢
Affiliated as a Sister City since:
October 17th, 1989

Minami-Satsuma (Kagoshima Prefecture)


Located in the Satsuma peninsula of Kagoshima prefecture, Minamiatsuma has thriving agricultural, animal, fishing, and shochu industries. Every May, a festival is held on Fukiage Beach, one of Japan’s 3 largest dune systems.
Population: 33,811(2020)
Area: 283.37㎢
Affiliated as a Sister City since:
May 3rd, 2015 

 Friendship Cities

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk(Russian Federation, Sakhalin Oblast)


Capital of Sakhalin Oblast, it is surrounded by the Susuya Ridge to the east and the many hills of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsky mountain range to the west. The Susuya river and railways run north to south in this cultural, economic, and industrial city center.

Population: 208,000(2019)
Area: 82.30㎢
Affiliated as a Friendship City since:
November 10th, 1967

Harbin(People’s Republic of China, Heilongjiang Province)


Capital of Heilongjiang Province and a political, economical, and cultural center. The city faces the Songhua River and is the biggest city in eastern china. Harbin holds a world famous ice festival every year. 
Population: 10,763,000(2019)
Area: 53,068㎢
Affiliated as a Friendship City since:
November 21st, 1995